J.Anderson & Co. has a well equipped and spacious facility able to handle very large jobs. Our factory has 3500 square metres of under cover workshop with seven gantry cranes and has easy access for even the biggest transport vehicles, being just off the Geelong to Melbourne highway and over the road from the railway tracks. We are also very close to the Geelong Port.


Manual Machining

  • 10 x Manual Lathe. 5000mm long x 1000mm swing.
  • 6 x Manual Mill. 1000mm long x 600mm wide x 500mm high.
  • 1 x Surface Grinder. 1000mm Long x 300mm Wide x 250mm High
  • 1 x Cylindrical Grinder. 260mm dia Swing x 600mm long.
  • 2 x Planer. 5230mm long x 1800mm wide x 1220mm high.
  • 2 x Slotter. 900mm throat x 533mm stroke
  • 1 x Large Horizontal Borer. 2500mm x 2500mm table. 5050mm cross travel x 2460mm vertical travel
  • 1 x Large Radial Drill
  • 1 x Electric Discharge Machine. 1200mm x 600mm Table. 800mm high.


Scharmann WB Horizontal Borer

Geminis Lathe

CNC Machining

  • 3 x CNC Mill. 2500mm x 1000mm x 1000mm work envelope. Up to 4 axis.
  • 2 x CNC Lathe. 1400mm long Travel x 600mm dia Swing x 70mm dia Bore.
  • 1 x CNC Horizontal Borer. 1250mm x 1400mm table. 1600mm cross travel x 1250mm vertical travel x 1600mm Longitudinal travel x 710mm spindle travel.


Vtec Vertical Machining Center
Okuma N.C. Lathe
Lagun CNC Mill
Union Horizontal Borer


  • 1 x Brake Press. 3700mm wide. 300 tonne x 310mm throat.
  • 1 x Section Rollers.
  • 3 x Plate Rollers. 2500mm wide.
  • 1 x Automatic Bandsaw. Up to 280mm diameter.
  • 1 x Guillotine. 3000mm long. Will cut 10mm thick plate.
  • Full range of welding equipment: MIG, TIG, Arc & Spot welding
  • 3 x Arbour Press. 1650mm high x 1290mm wide. 8 ¼” dia Ram x 550mm throat with 150 tonnes force.
  • 7 x Overhead Crane. 10 tonne lift.
  • 3500m2 workshop with lots of space for large projects.

300 Tonne Press
Section Rolling
Large Frame
Stirrer Shaft

3D Cad/Cam Programming

  • Fully 3 dimensional programming.
  • Able to import any drawing file type directly into our software.
  • Both CNC mills and CNC lathes run the same software so we can quickly and easily program complex parts and export directly to the machines.
  • All our CNC operators are highly experienced programming and machining complex 3D components.

3D mould drawing.
3D contours milled over compound angles.
Program for 3d contours.
Multi-axis machining toolpath.

Machine Building

Examples include:

  • The manufacture of a developmental CECAP (Continuous Equal Channel Angular Process) Machine. Weighing over 66 tonnes and requiring large components to be precision machined, we constructed, tested, transported and installed the unit.
  • The construction of a full assembly line for the production of the glass front and rear windscreens for the latest Toyota Camary. This project involved fabricating the frames, machining all the parts together with assembly and integration with pneumatic and electrical control systems.
  • The design and construction of fabric processing machine for a local company involved in the medical industry. This machine is required to operate at high temperatures using hydraulic and electric motors controlled by PLC.
  • The construction of a new production line, for an explosives company, which required specialised non-static materials and emergency systems.


  • We are experts at refurbishing valves of all shapes and sizes up to 1600mm inside diameter shown below. The body and cap castings of this valve weigh over 11 tonnes. We replace the shaft and nut to raise and lower the gate, replace all the bronze wear strips, re-assemble, re-paint and test.
  • We are expert at refurbishing high capacity pumps. All inspection, assessment, refurbishing and testing is carried out in house.
  • We also refurbish gearboxes of all shapes and sizes. Shown in the photo is a gearbox from the mining industry. This example rotates a 9 meter long shaft with large heavy paddles and hence needs to be refurbished and checked to a very high standard to cope with the high amount of torque and difficult operating environment.
  • We are experienced at the refurbishment of specialist machines of unique design for either production or workshop work.